Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design in Orange County

There are so many people that like ultra-modern things and as such want a kitchen that fits in with this preference. Unfortunately, it’s not always that straightforward and bad decisions often mean the end result isn’t what they had hoped for. Here’s a quick guide to modern kitchen design to help get things moving in the right direction.

The first thing to consider is the layout of your kitchen. You need to create a spacious environment that still manages to incorporate all of the modern furniture and appliances you had in mind. This can sometimes be an incredibly difficult proposition, especially when you’ve only got a small kitchen to work with.

The best advice is to strip down the list of things you want for your new kitchen to those that you need. Only keep the bare essentials to start off with. Think about how you’re going to work in things like your sink, your cooker, your fridge etc. in a layout that looks and feels modern. Once you’ve done that, see how much space you’re left with and add in each of the other things one by one. If your design starts to look a little overcrowded, then you might have to consider making some sacrifice.


Only the bare necessities should be present in a contemporary kitchen. All cabinetry and countertop lines should be simple and clean. All fussy decoration and clutter should be removed, and modern and updated appliances should be installed. Cabinetry should have no visible hardware, and ideally should be constructed with frameless flat panels with little or no decoration. Steel, wood, glass or any natural material is preferred for cabinet construction.


Kitchen efficiency is important, but the functionality of a contemporary kitchen is directly focused on the cook’s needs and making the cooking process easier. Practical cabinet design and the proper layout of appliances can increase the functionality of a contemporary kitchen. Because many cooks prefer industrial-grade appliances, this style has become indicative of the contemporary look. In addition to cabinet and appliance functionality, windows in the kitchen are typically not decorated with and hardware, unless a functional blind is added to reduce direct sunlight.


Organize important kitchen appliances in a way that multiple cooks would not interfere with one another. Adhere to the standard kitchen triangle design for the most efficient floor plan. The three major appliances–refrigerator, sink and stove–should ideally form a type of triangle with one another in the floor plan. Since cooks prefer a sanitary contemporary kitchen, proper layout and organization is crucial to the contemporary kitchen design.

Color Scheme

Mix natural elements and textures to create a sleek, yet varied look in your contemporary kitchen. Increased use of stone, tile, glass, stainless steel and wallpaper can be found in contemporary trends. Recyclable and environmentally friendly materials are also making a presence in kitchen design. Don’t forget splashes of color through colored accessories. Color in contemporary kitchens is often found through accessories and not on the actual cabinets or countertops themselves. Try purchasing small, colored appliances in a hue of red or yellow. Add a bowl of lemons or a vase with flowers on a concrete countertop for a pleasing color contrast that still maintains the contemporary look of the kitchen.


Recessed can lights or sleek, hanging pendants are styles that work well in a contemporary kitchen; an ornate chandelier is too heavy in a contemporary space and will seem out of place. Since the use of glass fronts in overhead cabinetry is common, consider accent lighting with miniature spotlights to highlight the cabinet interiors. The countertop also needs to be considered when planning a lighting scheme. A halogen light will provide a considerable amount of light that can radiate onto the countertop for ease of use, as well as add considerable warmth to the space. These days, it’s easier than ever to find modern kitchens that look sleek and elegant but if you want your contemporary design to stand out, lighting is the key.

For starters, the thing that makes or breaks any room in a house is the lighting. If you can conquer this (and many people can’t) then your modern kitchen will immediately come to life. Don’t just use boring overhead lighting in the middle of the ceiling – get creative. Consider spotlights that run up and down the room as an alternate solution. You can also add ‘task lighting’ in between the countertops and cupboards or LED lights to your kickboard at the base of your units. By creating implementing light and different levels and angles you can play with different settings to get a unique and modern lighting effect.

These are the basic themes of modern design, although the actual application can vary greatly. Modern design encompasses both the bright and bold designs of a great kitchen designer. We can help design your modern kitchen and have the best designers in the business. On one end of the spectrum, the spirit behind modern design is to reject the notion of designing for mass appeal in favor of starker and more minimalist designs, while on the other end of the spectrum you will find designs inspired by the bold colors used in abstract art.


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